I recently used Purrfect Place for Pets after hearing about them on Nextdoor. Rosemary and Chella came out and met our 3 cats ahead of time. Right away we knew we found great sitters. They are authentic, caring, and very professional. Rosemary visited the cats and sent us messages with each visit. Cats seemed very happy when we returned. Sandy keeps everything humming along behind the scenes and even made sure we made it home as scheduled! I’ve had many cat sitters over the years and I believe this was the most smooth and professional pet sitting service I’ve ever encountered. Thumbs way up for PPP!!! – Carol T

Chella went above and beyond to tempt our kitten out of hiding during our first trip away. From her great communication during the visits, to the detailed information Sandy kept on file about our cats, it’s clear they put animals first. We relaxed knowing they were in great hands. If your pets are family, this is the sitter for you! – Chrissy C.

Sandy and her staff at Purrfect Place for Pets, LLC are incredibly reliable and always put our dog first! She responds quickly to all requests. What I love most is that after EACH visit we receive a comprehensive report via email on how things went with our dog during the visit. The email includes a great photo of our dog so that we can rest easy knowing he is safe while we are away for work or vacation. Thank you for your top-notch service!! – Katie W.

We left for a 2 week trip to Europe right in the middle of the big power outage in the dead of summer, but we left with a great peace of mind knowing that Sandy would be looking in on our 2 cats. We completely trusted her judgment as to whether the house was still safe for them, despite the record heat and no air conditioning. And, we knew that Sandy would alert us if anything came up regarding the house during the prolonged lack of power.

But, what I appreciate most about Sandy are the little touches. While we were away, she emailed us photos of our two cats, lessening our homesickness for them and gently letting us know that they were OK. She also leaves a wonderful log of their activities each day-with observant details that let us know that she really spends quality time with them because only someone with a very loving eye would notice such things.

Leaving our cats is hard enough, but knowing that they at least get to stay in the comfort of their own home with someone as caring as Sandy looking after them is the best comfort a pet owner can have. – KI

Sandy and her crew have been taking wonderful care of our cats, Oscar and Chewy, since we moved to Charlottesville over three years ago. Chewy is diabetic, and Sandy had no problem giving him his insulin twice a day. When Oscar became hyperthyroid, she stepped up to give him his pills as well – no easy task with a balky cat. She takes the time to send us photos and updates, as well as writing a daily log of their activities.

We always felt secure with Oscar and Chewy in her care. But during our last trip Sandy actually saved Chewy’s life. Chewy had a major seizure while Sandy was at our house. She recognized that this was due to low glucose because he had not been eating for several days. She immediately called us, and drove him to the emergency vet. After several days of monitoring and altering his medication, Chewy pulled through. Had she not been so aware and acted so quickly, Chewy would have died of an insulin imbalance. He’s now a frisky member of our family again, thanks to Sandy’s care.

Sandy and her team have consistently shown that they are reliable, trustworthy and willing to go out of their way to do something extra to make our pets comfortable One of my dogs has medical issues and requires medication on a regular basis. Sandy and Maria were always reliable in administering the medication, and never hesitated to ask when they had a question. In addition, Sandy is a great communicator who is always within reach, so I never had a moment when I felt like I didn’t know how my animals were.

Finally, the truest testament to Sandy and Maria’s excellent caregiving would always come when I returned home from my travels to be greeted by two very happy, well exercised dogs who somehow looked cleaner and fresher than before I left. I could not imagine having anyone else looking after such important members of our family! – EC

Sandy and her crew have been helping us to take care of our pets for over six months. All of our pets (2 dogs and 3 cats) love when they visit; the dogs get very excited when we tell them that Ms Sandy will be coming to visit them! I really appreciate the note Sandy leaves after each visit and I can tell by the detail included in the note that she is really paying attention to our pets. Its a treat to come home to two happy, well-exercised dogs.

This past summer we went for a 10 day vacation out of the country. We left our home and pets in the care of Sandy and Maria. Knowing that our pets (and home) would be well cared for allowed us to enjoy our time away without regrets or worries. And our pets had the comfort of staying in their own environment and maintaining their routine. Sandy went beyond the call of duty in handling some issues that arose in our absence and even participated in neighborhood dog and people socializing (thus allowing our dogs the opportunity to visit their friends !). We have one dog that I would describe as a bit high-maintenance and I could tell by his demeanor on our return that he had been very well cared for. We have some trips planned for this fall and I can look forward to them knowing that Sandy and company will take good care of our crew while we are away. – DB

We engaged Sandy and her team in 2013 when my mother-in-law moved into an assisted living facility. My mother-in-law had a small Chihuahua whom she adored but had not been able to walk for many months. The team’s devotion to her and her elderly dog has consistently amazed us. He became sweet and playful again with a renewed vigor owing, no doubt, to the joy of taking walks again and being the object of affection for so many new friends. Because they knew she was unable to do so, they went to great lengths to ensure that he was walked, even in the worst of weather.

Over the ensuing years as his age caught up with him, they kindly took on the task of administering his pain medicine, and applying belly pads to manage his occasional incontinence. They took such loving care of him that it really changed his life. And, most importantly, it allowed my mother-in-law to continue to have and love her best friend, little Alistair, right up until she passed away. Sandy and her team are caring, conscientious and willing to go the extra mile. Our family highly recommend them!

LeRoy and Bridget


Charlie and Otis