Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle keys?
All our keys are labeled with just the name of the pet(s). We never include any information that can be traced back to the house in case of lost keys.
When and how do I pay?
48 hrs before departure you will get a visit confirmation that lists the agreed upon visits, the sitter assigned to your visits and the price for that vacation visit. You may pay by check or cash and mail to our mailing address, or set the business up as a payee with your bank, or — last but by no means least — pay via Zelle which you order through your bank, and the amount of your payment is added to my account. I get a text confirmation of your deposit. Please let us know which payment option you prefer and we can address the details at our complimentary first meeting.
Do you only care for dogs and cats?
No, we have several clients with chickens, we have bird clients and many small animals such as rats, gerbils, etc and even have a Russian Tortoise in our client list. I can’t think of any domestic animal we will not care for. We have even taken care of pigs and goats in the past. Any other animals — just ask us. Who knows?.
Do you have references?
Yes, available upon request.
What is the process for hiring you?
We first require a complimentary meet and greet meeting. This is essential for both you and us to determine if we are a good fit for each other and to actually show us your house and explain where everything for your pet is located and what exactly you require us to do. This meeting involves me as well as the sitter who will be assigned to your visit;-you will always meet your sitter prior to your departure or first walk. At this time we assess your pet and we can each ask and answer any questions you still might have. We also take at least one but preferably two keys for backup or discuss how you want us to enter your house. All this information is loaded into our software scheduling program so that any and all sitters have this information in case they are your scheduled sitter.
Will I always have the same sitter with each vacation?
We try very hard to do that so that you and your pet are familiar with your sitter. However, if your sitter is not available when you book your visit(s), you will always have the opportunity to meet with your new sitter before your scheduled trip and /or walk if you choose to do so.
What is a typical vacation package for dogs and/or puppies?
We typically encourage three visits per day for adult dogs. The times would be between 7-8 AM, approximately 1-2 PM, and 7-8 PM. If you request overnight care, we would arrive between 7-8 PM and be there for 12 hours. This ensures that your dog has plenty of company and opportunity to go outside during the day and night if you request that. Puppies require more outdoor time than dogs so extra visits may be scheduled if needed depending on the age of the puppy.
Do you give meds and is there an extra cost?
Yes, we do give meds… no extra cost.

We give all kinds of meds such as diabetic injections, pills, and liquid medication. Please note, however, that none of us are vet techs; if your pet is particularly hard to medicate, it may be better to board them with your vet for the duration of your vacation. We want what is best for your pets, even if we are not the best option.

How will you let me know how my pet is doing and if a sitter has been at my house?
We have a mobile sitter app on all our phones and we send a visit report after every visit. It includes the sitter name, time the report was sent, a description of the visit, mood buttons and often a photo of your pet. This will come to your email.
Can I get access to your software so that I can request my own vacation dates and/or update my pets profile and instructions?
Absolutely. In fact, this is encouraged. We will discuss this at our first meeting. I will then send you a password and an ID so that you can log in to our software at
What is your hiring process for sitters?
I interview all sitters first after they have successfully answered a fairly rigorous questionnaire. I do a background check unless they are someone I know already. They then shadow me as well as another sitter until they get the feel for what we do and then start on their own. We are all licensed, bonded and insured for liability.
What if I am not happy with my service?

Please let us know immediately and we will discuss and take any action that is mutually agreeable to both of us. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern.

Schedule a Meet and Greet!

Please call us at 434-989-5004 to schedule a meet and greet meeting or send an e-mail to:
Our office hours are 8 AM-8 PM every day of the week.